“Violence in the workplace begins long before fists fly or lethal weapons extinguish lives. Where resentment and aggression routinely displace cooperation and communication, violence has occurred”      
–Bernice Fields, Federal Arbitrator

ELW Consultants will design a multifaceted anti-bullying program that addresses workplace bullying for employees and employers. We use a team approach to deal with bullying in organizations.

The anti- bullying program has components to address issues informally, formally, create understandable policies and procedures, and educate both employees and administrators about the dynamics of workplace bullying.

This program will separate legitimate discipline from bullying and use a universal reporting, investigative, and disciplinary format.

The adoption of this anti-bullying program will enable organizational leaders to run an efficient and effective organization and increase the bottom line. The program will assist in increased employee satisfaction and morale, identify those responsible for negativity in the workplace, allow for legitimate business practices of the organization, and provide multiple strategies for dealing with workplace bullying.

ELW Consultants will use appropriate educational materials, power point presentations, video and audio recordings, speakers, webinars, and other appropriate training aides. Some written educational materials will be provided by ELW Mediation and ADR Consultants. Materials furnished by ELW Consultants will be updated annually or as needed for the life of the contract and as new resources become available ELW Consultants will make new resources available.

ELW Mediation and ADR Consultants will monitor the effectiveness of the program and assist organizations in working through any issues from 1-5 years based on the program purchased.

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