Workplace Bullying

Bullies in the workplace disrupt the work environment and destroy lives! The behavior’s involved in workplace bullying are often mistaken for interpersonal conflict between co-workers or as an employee that is incapable of performing their duties. Both are misconceptions and generated by the bully.

Workplace bullying is an emerging and acceptable form of violence in the American work environment, it is more prevalent than any other form of violence currently acknowledged in the American workplace.

Workplace bullying can be defined as abusive conduct directed at one or more individual targets it is repeated and destructive to the organization and to the employee.

In some work environments these cases are ordered to mediation by the employer or EEOC, or an administrative judge. Sadly enough it is the mediation left to sort out such cases; without the proper training, a basic understanding of workplace bullying and associative behaviors and tactics the mediator can further victimize the target.

With our WPB-M evaluation scale ELW Consultants will determine if a case is actual bullying and suitable for mediation or one that should seek other resolutions.

The WPB-M Tool was specially designed by Esque L. Walker BAAS, MS, PhD. based on ten years worth of research and experience on workplace bullying to determine the suitability of suspected cases of workplace bullying scheduled for mediation. The WPB-M tool is copyrighted and unavailable outside our consulting firm.

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