Don’t Perpetuate Educate!

ELW Mediation and ADR Consultants provides an assortment of seminars, workshops, lectures, and presentations on conflict management and resolution, mediation, and workplace bullying at your location or ours. Trainings are customized to meet the needs of your organization, employees or managers.  Check out our online catalog, call, or email us for training specialized for your organization.

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Basic 3 day workplace bullying workshop

Workplace bullying can be defined as a series of negative devastating emotional acts used in the work environment to exercise power and control over an individual. The bully uses prolonged and repeated verbal and nonverbal negative acts to attack the personal and professional performances of the target and inflict pain and misery on the targeted individual.

Understanding and dealing with this behavior help organizations become healthy and functioning and reaching the highest level of productivity possible.

This course benefit organizational executives, managers, supervisors, unions representatives, human resources managers, attorneys, counselors, and those wishing to be advocates and those responsible for policy making within organizations.

This course will be taught using videos, audio, books, large and small group discussions, actual accounts of targets stories, and specially designed materials. All books and materials will be provided.

This course is taught twice a year and limited to 15 participants per class

This course will cover:

  • Introduction to workplace bullying
  • Workplace bullying components, tactics and behaviors
  • The impact of workplace bullying on the targeted individual, other employees, the organization, and society
  • Workplace bullying and other forms of violence
  • The prevalence of workplace bullying in health care and academia
  • Laws on workplace bullying and EEOC laws
  • Workplace bullying and mediation
  • Ethics and workplace bullying
  • The WPB-M tool
  • Solutions to deal with workplace bullying
3 day WPB course $3,550.00


3 day Conflict Resolution Training

Our conflict resolution course uses a 12 skills approach to deliver a comprehensive training program. We use a wide range of training methods such as large and small group discussions, role playing, books, power point presentations, lectures, handouts, group and individual exercises, written assignments and storytelling.

This 3 1/2 day intensive course covers:

  • The history of conflict resolution
  • Ethics
  • Win/win approaches
  • Creative responsive
  • Empathy
  • Assertiveness
  • Co-operative power
  • Managing emotions
  • Willingness to resolve
  • Mapping conflict
  • Negotiations
  • Introduction to mediation
  • Broadening perspectives
  • Team building
  • Leadership
  • Stress management

This course is taught twice a year and limited to 15 participants per class

All books and materials will be provided

3 day conflict resolution course $3,200.00


Customized Workplace Bullying and Conflict Resolution Training

ELW Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Consultants also offer customized training from several hours to three days in workplace bullying and conflict resolution. These customized trainings are focused on conflict within the workplace and collaborative problems solving for teams and work groups.

Rates vary according to length, content, and number of participants.  These trainings are interactive and require the participation of each member of the group.

These trainings are variations of conflict resolution training that are didactic and experiential training techniques designed to help teams work through issues of conflict. These trainings are designed based on the audience and the organizations need.

Basic 40- hour Mediation training course

Basic 40 hour mediation training $1200.00


30 hour Family Mediation training course

Family mediation $895.00


Advanced Mediation training course

Advanced Mediation $750.00


Online Dispute Resolution training course

Online Dispute Resolution 2,100.00