Workplace Bullying

Are you experiencing high turnover rates, increased levels of absenteeism and sick leave usage, low employee morale, increased union grievances, EEOC complaints, or litigation, the inability to hire and retain new employees, and a tarnished corporate reputation.

Workplace bullying costs American employers between five and six billion dollars annually (this does not include reduced productivity).

What’s an organization to do?

Deal with the problem head on. Implement a multifaceted workplace-bullying program that includes educating staff and program components that will deal with reporting and investigating the problem.  Our consulting, education, and program and policy design is designed to meet the needs of many different types of organizations.

We provide a 10-point program beginning with a pre evaluation and ending with a post evaluation. Training is specialized for your organization based on an internal assessment.

Training can be provided in your organization or at our location.  Our policy and program design uses a team approach and is conducted at your location, we work directly with staff members of your choosing.

Contact ELW Consultants for your organizational assessment today. Consultation fee will be credited towards the purchase of our 10 point program.

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