W hat directly affects an employee directly affects an employer!

Conflict that disrupts the legitimate business of an organization, stalls productivity, create a hostile work environment, and destroys teams, cost organizations billions of dollars each year.

Avoiding conflict will not make it go away rather it will escalate to engulf entire departments and eventually the organization.

Our conflict management and resolution services assist organizational leaders in conducting internal assessments of individuals, teams, departments, or collaborative partners. We then provide a written report of the assessment and make recommendations on approaches to the problem and provide training   based on the assessment.

We have a very diverse team with specialized experience in private, city, state, and federal government, and non-profit organizations including health care and academia.

We have an extensive background in workplace bullying, hostile work environments, EEOC issues, and many other aspects of conflict.

We manage Texas’s only workplace bullying advocacy organization, The Texas Healthy Workplace Advocates.

ELW Consultants has more than 10 years of workplace bullying experience!

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